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Top five roast chicken dishes

Roast chicken with herbed tomato rice

If you don’t want cook a simple recipe like traditional roast chicken, you could try roast chicken with herbed tomato rice. It’s not like normal recipe. This one you have to fry the chicken first until its skin turns to golden. Cooking parsley, basil, rice, and tomato puree, stock in the other bow, then putting chicken and this mix together. After roasting, you can taste a wonderful flavour.

Roast chicken with pistachio and cranberry stuffing

In a big event, Roast chicken with pistachio and cranberry stuffing is suitable meal for it. Although, it took a while to cook but its flavour can make your guests surprise a lot. Thanking to onion, pistachio, a little breadcrumb, eggs and some parsley brings the roast chicken more special taste and tender.

Moroccan-style roast chicken

There is a recipe which is a little bit hard to cook but its flavour is so wonderfull. Preparing the herb mix like pistachio, pepper, onion and some pork, cooking this for feew minutes then out it into cavity and roast the chicken in 20 minutes without putting honey onto the surface of chicken to make skin turn to golden. After that, you will taste a tender chicken and the unbelievable flavour.

30-minute roast chicken

You are a busy time people and don’t have time to prepare meal for your family? 30-minute roast chicken is a perfect recipe for you. Just frying both side of chicken by butter and oil on heating pan until turning to golden and adding some fried potatoes around chicken. Some lemon juice and garlic will absorb into the chicken and potatoes will make the meal more tasty. Roasting them up without a little wine that you will see how tender chicken and amazing flavour!

Roast lemon chicken

Some people love to eat roast chicken with veggies. There are many recipes you can choose. One of them you must try is Roast lemon chicken. Combining lemon rind, lemon juice, oil, rosemary and some garlic together into a bowl and adding chicken in that mixture. Cooking vegetables on heat pan a few minute then putting the mixture which is done to vegetable. Spooning and season some salt and pepper and roasting them for 40 minutes. After all you can serve that taste.

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